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Am I A Nutter?

March 21, 2009

I don’t understand what the big deal about President Obama being on Jay Leno is about.  Some politicians say he has too much on his plate or that he should just pay attention to what is going on in our nation, but quite frankly I think it’s great that our President has a sense of humor. If we see him laughing, then we can laugh too. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to laugh when times are tough, but see that is my point. The President LAUGHED! That’s a good thing! I do think the joke he made about his bowling score was a little inappropriate but nothing to go nuts over people.

Sometimes I feel like a full-fledged nutter. I like to make people laugh and I do it any way I can just to see a smile. I get bashed for not being lady-like with my sense of humor. Well starch my collar and call me stiffy! If you can’t laugh about things like farts what can you laugh about, or do you even laugh? Yet these are the same people who tell racist jokes..wait I said fart–that’s not lady-like but calling people the N word in your historically inaccurate and inept jokes is? Yeah….um..check please.

The English language can be quite humorous sometimes. Sometimes it’s in the pronunciation and other times it’s just the word itself. For example PRAWN. Now I know some of my friends reading this are already laughing their arses off because, well, they know when I was on prawn kick….PRAWN became my lifes work. Every other word out of my mouth was prawn.  Then came the word Cloaca. Just say it out loud. CLOACA! Then if you put them together you get a Prawn’s Cloaca. Yeah…ok I am a nutter, but you love me anyway eh?