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Weird Jobs of Tomorrow

March 26, 2009

I had read an article last May about the many weird jobs people have today. Some of them were: a Citrus Fruit dryer–someone actually sits there and dries your grapefruits and whatnot with a towel, a Chicken Sexer–nothing like sticking your finger up a chicken’s arse to find out if it’s male or female, a Dog Food Taster–you read right and are thinking right–someone actually tastes dog food, a Bird Poop Jeweler–nothing says I love you like a bird turd necklace., a Fecal Archaeologist (Pathoecologist)- there’s nothing more interesting then studying the shit of people and animals of thousands of years ago. I wonder if it still smells. People may die, but poopy is forever!

Well I got to thinking, what might be some weird jobs of the future. I came up with the following:

1. A Car–Why not pay someone to turn your car into an eco-friendly car? No gas. No oil. No antifreeze. You have a person run in a large wheel that is behind your car and propels your car forward, backwards,etc. Need air conditioning? No problem a person will gladly blw on you while you drive. Need heat? That same person will fart while you drive. Need a radio? No problem You can hire someone to sing for you.

2. Natural Gas Producer– One word says it all F-A-R-T. You can make big bucks passing ags into people’s cars and homes. You can even be wealthier than today’s oil companies.

3. Lint picker — In the year 2020, lint will be as valuable as water, especially bellybutton lint. All the stuff that gets trapped in your innie (if you have an outie you are out of luck.),  will be made into fine fabrics. So basically some poor illegal day laborer can pick your belly button lint for less than minimum wage. Penny for your lint?

4. A Navel Operator- Possibly, by the year 2020, Navel oranges will lose their bellybuttons. You, as a navel operator, must manufacture the orange’s bellybuttons by machine. If you don’t then they’d just be….oranges…nameless oranges.

5. Book- You know that annoying kid in third grade who read the encylclopedia (ok other than me) and then recided facts on a random basis. This is the new job of the Human Book. He/she abosrobs every single book they can get their hands on. When you need to do research they just recite it to you. Of course if they get amnesia, the world would be doomed.