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Farts In Space

March 21, 2009

What happens if you fart in space? If you fart in space does it make a sound?  Would anyone hear? Does it keep repeating?

Is the legnth of a fart on Earth different than in space?

Does the smell linger on forever? will aliens in far off galaxies be able to sniff your anal emissions? By-the-way do aliens fart? Do aliens even have anuses? In discovering aliens and other species in outer space shouldn’t we test the air when they fart to see if they fart methane like us? What gases could aliens actually pass?

Are farts jut the more basic forms of nebula? Do stars form in farty clusters?

Would we eventually be able to maneuver around the universe simply by farting? Perhaps we can recycle the farts and use them for fuel (natural gas). Even better, perhaps if we pass gas enough we will fart ourselves new anuses and have built in jet engines.

Did you know that if you fling a fart a passing meteor, it will shatter into millions of little pieces? Who needs lasers?

What happens if you fling a fart into a black hole? would the black hole, that has this giant gravitationasl pull, throw the fart back out into the universe because it smells too funky? Can black holes smell? (That sounds more than wrong!) If a cow flatulates in space, will that make a black hole?

If you make a cabbage fart in space, will you have a whole field of cabbages behind you to help you find your way back?