Dizzy Daffinitions

I did publish this one on associatedcontent.com but they assured me that I have full rights to my non-exclusive works. So here we go …and remember laugh.

Assail–butts on a boat

Barium- the Latin form of Barry

Befog– Bee farts

Booby Trap- what men use to catch boobs.

Booby Hatch- a place where they grow boobs.

Canticle-  the opposite of testicle.

Covet- a little cove.

Eft- a,b,c,d,e, eft, g

Einsteinium- the genius element

Elderberry- a senior citizen berry

Gastrology- the study of farts in the stars (aka nebula)

General Assembly- a factory where they manufacture leading military figures.

Humerus- A not so funny bone.

Ichthyology- the study of icky things

 Kernal – a corn seed that has joined the military

Mangrove- a place where they grow men.

Naval Aviator — a flying bellybutton.

Odious- as pertaining to Odie (Garfield)

Plug- intercourse with a light socket.

Proverbs- to be for, as opposed to against, verbs.

Relax- to take Ex-Lax again.

Retard- to have been a tard once before.

Wingnuts- flying nut sacs.



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